Bitcoin Cash: Will It Reach $10,000? Price Forecast

Cryptocurrency fans often ask if Bitcoin Cash (BCH) might hit $10,000. Our recent study shows that BCH could see big wins in the years ahead. Unfortunately, reaching $10,000 looks tough for it.

Our prediction says BCH might drop in price to $370.99 by July 29, 2024, a -4.09% decrease. Yet, by 2025, it could jump to $765.99, an almost 100% increase from the lowest price prediction1.

In the distant future, we see BCH ranging from $80.28 to $487.67 by 2030. This hints at a 27.23% possible gain. But, we don’t think it will hit $10,000, with a top projection of $1,174.70 by January 1, 20291.

Key Takeaways

  • Bitcoin Cash might be worth between $363.84 and $765.99 in 2025. It could grow by nearly 100%.
  • By 2030, BCH could reach anywhere from $80.28 to $487.67. This shows a 27.23% possible increase.
  • Despite these possibilities, hitting $10,000 seems tough, with a top projection of $1,174.70 by January 1, 2029.
  • The crypto market grew from $1.44 billion in 2020 to $1.63 billion in 2021, showing a 12.9% yearly growth2.
  • More institutional investors and wealth managers plan to get into crypto through 2022 and 2023. About 82% of them aim to increase crypto holdings2.

Introduction to Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came into being in 2017, splitting from the original Bitcoin network. It aimed to fix issues like slow transactions and large fees. BCH wants to provide quicker and cheaper transaction options by increasing block sizes up to 32MB3.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a type of digital money that works without a central authority. It’s a lot like Bitcoin but tries to be better by solving its problems. To do this, it uses a technology called proof-of-work and limits its total coins to 21 million3. It has won the support of big financial names, including London’s Ziglu bank, showing that more people and businesses are using it4.

History of Bitcoin Cash

The story of Bitcoin Cash starts with a big argument about how to make Bitcoin better. Some thought a new coin was needed to make transactions faster and cheaper. This new coin, Bitcoin Cash, was born in 2017 through a process called a hard fork43. Its main purpose was to be more efficient than the old Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Cash grew out of a long discussion within the Bitcoin community. People were concerned that Bitcoin’s system couldn’t keep up with demand, leading to slow transactions and high fees4. Bitcoin Cash was the answer, designed to handle more transactions faster and at lower costs than the original Bitcoin3.

In the world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash has seen its value go up and down like other coins4. Some experts think its price will be between $112.56 and $273.46 by the end of 20234. They also say it might reach $1,118.95 by 20304. But, because the market can change very quickly, it’s hard to predict exact prices3. Prices can be very different from these estimates due to the unpredictable nature of the market45.

Current Bitcoin Cash Price and Market Cap

The latest Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price is $399.19 USD. It’s currently one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market cap, at $9,350,872,700.806. Over 24 hours, its price has gone up by 2.12%. In the last week, it surged by 5.05%6. Bitcoin Cash’s market sentiment is neutral, with a volatility of 9.33% in the last month6.

Recently, Bitcoin Cash has seen big changes. On March 2nd, it grew by 58%. Its market cap reached $9.40 billion that day. This is much less than Bitcoin’s $1.20 trillion. However, BCH’s value went up by 78.5% over the past week. Its mining power also increased significantly, jumping 102.5% to 8.01 EH/s by March 3rd7.

Last year, Bitcoin’s value went up by a lot. From January 1st to December 31st, it went from $29,374.15 to $46,306.458. It reached an all-time high of $68,789.63 on November 10th. Although its price fell in 2022, it started growing again, reaching over $20,000 in 2023. This was a more than 60% increase from 2022’s end price of $16,547.508.

The whole crypto market has been very up and down. It hit a high of $2.9 trillion in November 20218. Now, it’s around $516 billion8. Some think crypto values could grow four to five times by the end of the decade8.

To wrap up, Bitcoin Cash is holding a stable price at about $399. Its market cap is over $9 billion. While the crypto market has had its ups and downs, it looks to be heading towards good growth in the years ahead.

Technical Analysis of Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a lead Bitcoin offshoot, drawing much attention in the crypto scene. We’ll explore its price trends and potential through technical analysis.

Bitcoin Cash Price Charts

Our review shows Bitcoin Cash’s price at about $445.84 now. It has a $9.2 billion market cap with 19.7 billion BCH available9. By July 29, 2024, the 50-day Simple Moving Average may hit $401.88, and the 200-day SMA is around $406.049. With the RSI at 40.34, the market outlook is neutral.

Support and Resistance Levels

Indicators point to possible price drops for Bitcoin Cash soon. It could test a $357.65 support level. Per pivot point analysis, BCH has supports at $378.73, $371.24, with stronger support at $357.65. And it faces resistance at $399.81, $413.40, and $420.909.

Looking to the future, projections suggest BCH might hit $435 by 202410. Yet, by 2030, its value could skyrocket to $2,09010. However, market trends and how widely it gets adopted will greatly influence its journey.

By May 2024, Bitcoin Cash could hit $500 if big investors keep buying in11. In the near term, it faces a challenge at $460 but has support at $37011.

Overall, Bitcoin Cash’s technical outlook shows it could go up or down. Anyone investing in BCH should stay on top of market news and trends to make smart choices91011.

Long-Term Bitcoin Cash Price Predictions

Looking ahead, the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) shows a varied future. By 2025, it could range from $363.84 to $765.99. If it hits the high end, it could grow by nearly 100%12. But, by 2030, the outlook is less optimistic, varying from $80.28 to $487.67, with a potential 27.23% gain12.

Some expect BCH to hit $2,500,000, but it might not reach $10,000 soon12. The peak forecast stands around $1,174.70 by January 1, 202912.

Bitcoin Cash Price Forecast 2025

Forecasts for BCH’s price look at past performance, Bitcoin halving cycles, and market trends13. There’s a broad range of predictions, but most agree on significant price swings13.

Gareth Soloway warns about market corrections hurting BCH’s price13. Eric Wade, however, believes it could hit $100,000 with more institutional use and crypto ETF popularity13.

The future price of BCH hinges on laws, adoption by users and businesses, and overall crypto market health14. Despite mixed predictions, its potential for big gains means it’s worth watching for investors14.

“Bitcoin Cash has the potential to reach new heights, but investors should approach it with caution due to the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market.”

YearMinimum PriceMaximum PricePotential Gain

Bitcoin Cash Adoption and Use Cases

Bitcoin Cash is seen as a quicker and cheaper alternative to Bitcoin15. It offers speedier transactions at lower costs. Many merchants now accept it as payment16. This makes it better for daily and small transactions compared to Bitcoin17.

Its bigger block size helps process more transactions at once. This makes it fit for everyday payments17. In early 2021, Bitcoin Cash saw blocks grow from 100KB to over 1.5MB. By the year’s end, it settled back to 2-300KB17.

Over 10,000 vendors worldwide now accept Bitcoin Cash17. Roger Ver started a $200 million fund in 2019 to boost products and services based on Bitcoin Cash17.

Bitcoin Cash aims to be the “real Bitcoin” described in its white paper. It focuses on being easy to use for daily purchases worldwide16.

It’s good for small payments, like a domain name renewal for less than a penny in Bitcoin Cash fees16. And in Antigua, nearly every restaurant takes Bitcoin Cash, proving its value for routine payments16.

As the crypto world expands, Bitcoin Cash stands out. It’s a good choice for people wanting a payment system with low fees and fast transactions15. With more users and sellers each day, its importance in using crypto for real life is growing17.

Factors Affecting Bitcoin Cash Price

Bitcoin Cash’s price changes a lot with the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin plays a big role in this. When Bitcoin’s price moves, it affects Bitcoin Cash’s value directly18. So, if Bitcoin’s price goes up, Bitcoin Cash’s might too.

The rules governments make about cryptocurrencies also matter. These rules and how much businesses adopt these crypto can change Bitcoin Cash’s price. So, when there are new laws or more business use, the Bitcoin Cash price might move18.

Bitcoin Price Movements

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin’s prices often move together. When Bitcoin’s price goes up or down a lot, Bitcoin Cash’s price can, too18. For example, right after Bitcoin’s third halving in May 2020, Bitcoin’s price hit a high of $64,863 in April 2021. This increase also helped Bitcoin Cash’s price go up during the same time.

Regulatory Environment

The government’s rules and regulations can seriously change Bitcoin Cash’s price18. New policies or bans can make Bitcoin Cash’s market unsure. Then, its price might also change. But, good rules, like more big companies use or financial products, can make Bitcoin Cash’s price go up.

Many other things can also affect Bitcoin Cash. Things like the economy, what people think about it, and other investors can change the price. This makes it very important for investors to keep an eye on these things when they’re thinking of investing.

“The price of Bitcoin Cash is closely tied to the broader cryptocurrency market, especially Bitcoin’s movements. Regulating rules and economic changes also have a big effect on Bitcoin Cash’s value.”

So, Bitcoin Cash’s price isn’t just about Bitcoin. It’s also about many other things, like government rules and how confident people are about it. To make smart investment choices, people need to watch all of these things closely.

Will the price of Bitcoin cash cross $10,000?

The future price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) may not hit $10,000 soon, as we see it. Experts predict BCH might reach about $2,090 by 2030.

Though this is a big jump, it’s way below $10,000. To hit that mark, BCH would need to climb over 2,500% from $500.

Looking at past prices, $10,000 seems way out of reach for now. BCH’s value has swung wildly in the past, showing it’s a risky bet.

For example, BCHe once hit a high of $4,356 in 2017. But it dropped to just about $75 the year after. These ups and downs make it hard to guess BCH’s future value.

Our analysis suggests a $10,000 BCH price isn’t likely soon. Why? The recent rise of Bitcoin ETFs has poured money into the market. But most of the new money goes into Bitcoin (BTC).

Though BCH looks promising for the long term, hitting $10,000 will be tough. Experts think it could get to $2,090 by 2030. But the road to $10,000 seems long and difficult510.

YearPotential LowPotential AveragePotential High

“While the long-term potential of Bitcoin Cash remains promising, the path to the $10,000 level appears arduous and improbable based on the current market dynamics and historical price performance.”

In short, BCH reaching $10,000 soon is unlikely. Market history and current trends point to a more modest growth. Investing in BCH might give slow but steady returns. But $10,000 by 2024, it might only reach $400 to $700. By 2030, it could grow to around $2,090.

Bitcoin Cash vs Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Cash came from the original Bitcoin, offering both commonalities and unique traits19. Although Bitcoin is likened to “digital gold,” Bitcoin Cash focuses more on easy and quick transactions19. It achieves this with a bigger block size, making it different from the original Bitcoin network. That network has struggled with slow transaction speeds and high fees.

Ethereum, the second biggest cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin Cash tackle different things19. Ethereum is all about smart contracts and decentralized apps. In contrast, Bitcoin Cash is geared towards simple, direct cash exchanges between people19.

Bitcoin Cash’s success next to other big cryptocurrencies will be important for its future10. By 2022, experts think Bitcoin Cash could hit a high price of $700 by the close of 202410. They also predict it might even reach a price of $2,090 by the end of 203010.

CryptocurrencyMarket CapitalizationUse Case
Bitcoin (BTC)$1 TrillionDigital gold, store of value
Ethereum (ETH)$250 BillionSmart contracts, decentralized applications
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)$9.7 BillionPeer-to-peer electronic cash

Currently, Bitcoin leads in market value19, while Ethereum comes next due to its smart contract role19. Although Bitcoin Cash’s market cap is significantly smaller at $9.7 billion10, it aims to be a quick and cost-effective choice for digital transfers19.

The comparison of Bitcoin Cash with other cryptocurrencies shows the range of features and purposes they offer19. It reveals the cryptocurrency market’s varied and evolving nature. As the market advances, how well Bitcoin Cash does and its adoption is key in its future and broader crypto ecosystem10.

Investing in Bitcoin Cash

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash

If you’re thinking about adding Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to your portfolio, there are a few ways to do it. You can use exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and Gemini20. First, you’ll need to create an account and verify who you are. Then, you can deposit money, like regular cash or other cryptocurrencies, to buy Bitcoin Cash.

It’s smart to look at different platforms and their fees before you invest in Bitcoin Cash20. Remember, some places let you borrow money to buy more, but this can increase your losses. The value of cryptocurrencies can change a lot in a short time. So, the money you put in could be worth a lot less very quickly20.

Bitcoin Cash is limited to 21 million tokens. This limit can make it more valuable over time20. Using Bitcoin Cash for transactions can keep your identity mostly private. Yet, it’s not risk-free. The price can change a lot, and there are chances of scams, along with security risks for your investments and wallets20.

There are many types of fees to watch out for when investing in Bitcoin Cash. You might pay for sending transactions, exchange fees, or what brokers charge. If you don’t use your account, some platforms might even charge for that 20. You can pay with different methods like bank transfers, cards, or other digital currencies20.

Even with risks, Bitcoin Cash is known for quick, cheap transactions. You can use it from any place with the internet20. But before you decide, think about why you want to invest, how much risk you are okay with, and what the market is like20.

Risks of Investing in Bitcoin Cash

Investing in Bitcoin Cash brings risks. Its market is highly volatile, causing prices to change a lot quickly21. This could result in big gains or losses. It’s important to understand and control these risks in your Bitcoin Cash investments22.

The legal world around cryptocurrencies can also quickly change. This can affect how people see and use Bitcoin Cash22. So, keep an eye on the laws and be ready for big shifts that could change Bitcoin Cash’s future22.

Volatility Risks

Bitcoin Cash is part of a cryptocurrency market known for quick price swings22. Again, this could mean making lots or losing lots of money. Knowing and managing these risks is key22. But, it’s hard to guess where Bitcoin Cash’s price is going. This makes smart investing tricky.

Regulatory Risks

Cryptocurrency laws and rules can affect how much people trust and use them, including Bitcoin Cash22. If laws get stricter or currencies are banned, it can really change things22. So, always watch out for legal changes that could shake Bitcoin Cash’s future22.

Risk FactorDescriptionPotential Impact
VolatilityPrices in the cryptocurrency market, like Bitcoin Cash, can change a lotThis can mean either winning or losing a lot of money. It’s hard to predict prices
Regulatory EnvironmentLaws around cryptocurrencies might get tougher or even stop themThis can change how people feel about and use Bitcoin Cash, affecting its future

Anyone thinking of adding Bitcoin Cash to their investments should think over these risks. It’s important to make a smart, well-informed plan to handle any issues with this digital asset212223.


The future of Bitcoin Cash is unknown. It has opportunities and challenges ahead. It might grow over time. But, hitting $10,000 seems unlikely based on the current bitcoin cash price forecast summary, cryptocurrency market outlook, and other digital asset investment opportunities24.

Investors eyeing Bitcoin Cash need to look into technical, regulatory, and market factors. They should also know that investing in it is risky. They must research well, spread investments, and choose wisely based on their goals and tolerance2526.

The world of digital coins is always changing. There could be big wins in the future. But, investing in them calls for being careful and smart. By making informed choices, investors can understand the bitcoin cash price forecast summary, cryptocurrency market outlook, and digital asset investment opportunities better. This could lead to doing well in an exciting but risky market.


Will the price of Bitcoin Cash cross $10,000?

Our analysis shows Bitcoin Cash may not hit $10,000 soon. It’s expected to reach a maximum of $1,174.70 by January 1, 2029. This is well below the $10,000 figure.

What is the current price and market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash?

Currently, the price of Bitcoin Cash is $399.19 USD. It has a market cap of $9,350,872,700.80. This puts it among the top 30 cryptos by market cap.

What are the support and resistance levels for Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash’s support levels are at $378.73, $371.24, and the strongest at $357.65. The resistance levels stand at $399.81, $413.40, and $420.90.

What is the long-term price prediction for Bitcoin Cash?

The long-term forecast for Bitcoin Cash sees it ranging from $363.84 to $765.99 in 2025. This suggests a 99.84% potential increase if it maxes out. For 2030, it’s between $80.28 and $487.67, with a 27.23% potential growth.

What are the use cases and adoption of Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is designed for more efficiency and ease compared to Bitcoin. It’s been used for faster, cheaper payments across the world. Businesses and shops globally accept it.

What factors affect the price of Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash’s price is influenced by the overall crypto market and Bitcoin’s movement. Changes in the crypto regulatory environment also impact its price.

How can I invest in Bitcoin Cash?

To invest in Bitcoin Cash, use platforms like Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, or Gemini.

What are the risks of investing in Bitcoin Cash?

The risks include high market volatility and changing cryptocurrency regulations.

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