Nifty50 Heading C

The value of Nifty 50 is calculated using the free float market capitalization method. To arrive at the value of Nifty 50 index, the current market cap of all the stocks that are part of Nifty 50 is divided by the market cap of the base period. Current market cap is the weighted market cap of all 50 companies.

What is Nifty today?

                                   Index Prices Change%

Nifty 50 19,679.20 +0.86%             Nifty Bank 44,354.80 +1.07%

What is Nifty 50 prediction?

Nifty 50 Futures

A break above it can take the contract up to 19,800 in the coming sessions. Support is in the 19,600-19,580 region. The contract has to fall below 19,580 to become bearish, with the probability of falling. to 19,520-19,500 and below.1 day ago

What is the level of Sensex today?


Prev. Close              Open Price
65995.63                     65560.07

Why is Nifty falling?

Continued FII selling: Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) are selling Indian equities after recent gains. Rising bond yields and the dollar have acted as catalysts for the selloff. NSDL data shows foreign investors have sold Indian equities worth ₹14,768 crore in September and ₹2,868 crore so far in October.

Where will Nifty be in 2025?

What will Nifty be in 2025? By the end of 2025, we estimate the Nifty level to be around the 25,000 level assuming a 13-14% CAGR, which we feel is a medium to long term view given the generally healthy economic environment amid a growing economy and global environment. Durable in duration. Instability.


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