Infosys Share Price Target for 2022, 2025, and 2030

Infosys is a top IT services company that often catches the eye of investors and experts. Its strong financial state and promising future have everyone asking: What will Infosys’ share price be in 2022, 2025, and 2030? This information is crucial for those looking to invest.

Key Takeaways

  • Infosys’ share price target for 2022 is estimated to be in the range of Rs. 1,918 to Rs. 2,010.
  • By 2025, the Infosys share price target is forecasted to be between Rs. 2,370 and Rs. 2,585.
  • The Infosys share price target for 2030 is projected to be in the range of Rs. 4,700 to Rs. 5,220.
  • These projections are based on the company’s strong financial performance, growth trajectory, industry trends, and fundamental analysis.
  • Investors and analysts remain optimistic about Infosys’ long-term growth prospects and its ability to navigate industry challenges.

Infosys Company Overview

Infosys is a well-known multinational information technology company. Since 1981, it has led the way in the global IT services market. Based in Bangalore, India, it’s now a top choice for IT services worldwide.

History and Background

In 1981, Infosys began with seven founders, including N.R. Narayana Murthy. They wanted to build a top-notch software firm to showcase India’s tech power. Starting in Pune, Infosys has grown into a tech giant. It now operates in over 50 countries with more than 345,000 skilled employees.

Services Offered

Infosys provides a broad range of IT services and consulting. Its offerings like software development, digital transformation, and IT outsourcing serve various industries. This includes healthcare, finance, and retail. Infosys uses its strengths to bring new, smart solutions to its clients.

The company’s global reach extends to North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. This, combined with its services, makes it a go-to for businesses wanting to boost their digital game. Infosys is known for helping companies stand out in the digital world.

Infosys Business SegmentsKey Service Offerings
Application ServicesApplication development, maintenance, and modernization
Consulting and Systems IntegrationStrategic consulting, enterprise solutions, and system integration
Digital Transformation ServicesCloud, analytics, and digital experience services
Infrastructure ServicesIT infrastructure management, hybrid cloud, and cybersecurity

Infosys focuses on innovation and clients’ needs. This has driven its growth and global leadership in IT services.

Infosys Financials and Growth Trajectory

Infosys is a top player in consulting, tech, and new services. It has shown strong financial results over time. Innovation, digital change, and strong operations have pushed Infosys revenue growth and Infosys profit trends.

Revenue and Profit Trends

Infosys’ infosys revenue growth has grown steadily. It has seen a 20% increase annually. This success comes from meeting the high demand for digital services in different fields.

The company has also done well in profits, with a CAGR of 19-20%. This is tied to efforts to work efficiently, reduce costs, and make smart investments. These lead to good Infosys operating margins and Infosys earnings per share.

Net Worth Analysis

Infosys has a strong financial standing, visible in its growing Infosys net worth. It’s been stable recently, with a rising trend. As of September 2022, its net worth was Rs. 76,351 crores, showing its financial power.

The company’s stability is thanks to its strong Infosys financial ratios and Infosys balance sheet. These keep investors confident and boost the stock value over time.

Financial MetricFY 2020FY 2021FY 2022
Revenue (in INR crores)90,7911,00,4721,21,641
Net Profit (in INR crores)16,59419,35122,110
Net Worth (in INR crores)72,53374,22776,351
Operating Margin (%)24.5%25.4%23.5%
Earnings per Share (in INR)39.0345.5551.97

Infosys financial performance shows its growth in revenue, profit, and net worth. These achievements prove its leadership in the IT services sector.

Infosys Share Price Performance

Infosys is a top IT services and consulting company. It has consistently shown strong share price performance. This success proves Infosys can handle different market changes and give value to its investors.

52-Week High and Low

Infosys’ share price changes a lot in a year. It hit its highest price at Rs. 1,733.00 but also fell to Rs. 1,185.30. This shows how the stock reacts to market factors and what investors think.

5-Year Chart Analysis

Over five years, Infosys’ stock has grown by 96.90%. This impressive rise shows Infosys is good at using industry trends to keep its edge and grow value for shareholders.

52-Week HighRs. 1,733.00
52-Week LowRs. 1,185.30
5-Year Return96.90%

Infosys’ share price success comes from its strong financials and leading role in the IT sector. The company keeps growing by adapting to the market, innovating, and offering new solutions. This is why investors like it.

“Infosys’ consistent share price growth and its ability to navigate market volatility have made it a reliable investment option for many investors.”

Shareholding Pattern and Fundamentals

Infosys, a famous IT services company, has a mix of investors who trust it. The newest data shows Infosys institutional investors own a big part, 35.8%, of its shares. This number includes Infosys foreign institutional investors too, showing trust from around the world.

The founders and their families make up the Infosys promoter holding at 13.18%. On the other hand, Infosys retail investors own 18.32% of the company. This variety in ownership shows that many people believe in Infosys’s future.

Infosys enjoys strong support from Infosys mutual fund holdings, making up 15.14% of its shares. This reflects confidence in Infosys’s future and its financial health.

Infosys is also doing well in terms of value. It has a P/E ratio of 25.19 and a P/B ratio of 7.95. This means it’s considered a good buy right now. These numbers show that both big and small investors can find value in Infosys.

Investor CategoryShareholding Percentage
Institutional Investors35.8%
Retail and Individual Investors18.32%
Mutual Funds15.14%

The varied investor base is good for Infosys. It means there’s trust from many corners. This helps Infosys maintain its good image as a firm that’s run well and is open about its workings.

What is the share price target of Infosys for 2022, 2025, and 2030?

The stock price of Infosys, a top Indian IT company, is expected to go up a lot. This is because they are doing very well financially and lead their industry. Also, the market is looking good for them. For 2022, experts think the Infosys share price could be between Rs. 1,918 and Rs. 2,010.

By 2025, people believe the price of Infosys shares could reach Rs. 2,370 to Rs. 2,585. This is because the company is still growing. They are also meeting the growing need for digital services worldwide.

Long-term, by 2030, analysts predict Infosys share price might be Rs. 4,700 to Rs. 5,220. This big goal is set because of Infosys’ strong chance to grow more, its market trends, and thorough financial checks by experts.

YearInfosys Share Price Target
2022Rs. 1,918 – Rs. 2,010
2025Rs. 2,370 – Rs. 2,585
2030Rs. 4,700 – Rs. 5,220

These predictions show how Infosys is doing well. It’s at the top in IT services. As it keeps growing and offering new services, the price of Infosys shares should keep going up over the next ten years and more.

Infosys Share Price Target 2022

Factors and Predictions

Infosys, a top Indian IT services company, is a hot topic for investors and analysts. They are looking at where the Infosys share price target for 2022 might land. The estimate falls between Rs. 1,918 to Rs. 2,010, based on reports and expert views.

Infosys’s strong 2022 financial projections are key to this hopeful view. It has seen a 20% rise in revenue and a 19-20% rise in profit. These numbers show Infosys is doing well financially. Its good net worth and balance sheet also help. Analysts think this is why the Infosys share price target 2022 looks good.

Looking forward, experts see Infosys doing well. They expect its stock price to keep climbing. This is thanks to its many services, worldwide reach, and growing IT needs. So, it seems like a good time to invest in Infosys according to 2022 investment recommendations.

“Infosys has shown it can handle changes in the IT sector. Its smart moves have it set for more success next year.”

The bright look for Infosys in 2022 also comes from the tech world’s good trends. With more demand for IT services, Infosys is in a great spot to gain. This could push its share price higher.

Infosys Share Price Target 2025

The Infosys share price target for 2025 is estimated to reach between Rs. 2,370 and Rs. 2,585. This forecast is very positive. It’s based on Infosys’s strong financial performance. This includes steady growth in both revenue and profit, plus a healthy net worth.

Infosys is at a good position to grow. It can do this by meeting the big demand for digital transformation and IT services. The company is seen as a leader in upcoming tech areas like cloud computing and AI. Its ability to use these technologies is seen as a boost for its future growth.

The Infosys share price target for 2025 shows people believe in the company’s success. They think Infosys will keep its leading role in the market. This would also mean good returns for its investors over time.

“Infosys is well-placed to find opportunities in the growing digital services market. We anticipate its strong show to stay for the future.”

Experts predict the Infosys stock price could go up by about 15-20% by 2025. They see the company doing very well, with expected growth in revenue and profit. These predictions support the idea that investing in Infosys could be smart.

Infosys’s valuation in 2025 is expected to look good. This, along with the company’s growth prospects, makes its stock an attractive choice. Both short and long-term investors might find it interesting.

Infosys Share Price Target 2030

Infosys envisions its share price target for 2030 to grow. It might range from Rs. 4,700 to Rs. 5,220. This growth is expected due to Infosys’ strong potential for expansion in the IT sector.

The rising need for digital transformation, cloud computing, and new technologies will boost Infosys. They are known for their innovation, worldwide service, and a broad range of solutions. This makes them likely to keep ahead and grow sustainably for the long term.

Experts are confident Infosys will perform well financially and add value to its investors in the next ten years. Views on Infosys share price target 2030, Infosys stock price forecast 2030, Infosys valuation 2030, Infosys financial projections 2030, Infosys growth outlook 2030, Infosys market analysis 2030, and Infosys investment recommendations 2030 are all positive. They show a promising future for this top IT services company.

“Infosys is set to benefit from the rising need for digital transformation and new technologies, confirming its spot as a world leader in IT services.”

With a robust Infosys share price target for 2030, Infosys is set for ongoing growth and innovation. It will continue to bring value to its investors. Plus, it will maintain its rank as a leading tech partner for companies globally.

Infosys Share Price Target 2040

Looking forward to the future, the Infosys share price target for 2040 looks promising. Experts say it could be between Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 18,420. This range is based on where they think the price will go.

They feel optimistic because Infosys is growing strong and is good at using new tech. It’s also a leader in its field. Infosys is expected to keep growing because it does well in things like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and automation.

Besides, the Infosys valuation projections for 2040 and its financial outlook look good. This means Infosys can use the industry’s growth and stay ahead. This should make the stock a good choice for investors who plan to hold onto it for a long time.

However, these forecasts could change because of the economy or other unseen events. If you’re thinking long-term, experts say Infosys is still a good option. They see it staying strong in the coming years.

“Infosys has consistently demonstrated its ability to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, and we believe this will continue to drive its growth and value creation for shareholders in the decades to come.”

Industry Outlook and Competitive Landscape

The IT services industry has been growing fast, thanks to a huge need for digital transformation and cloud computing. Experts think it will keep growing at 8-10% every year.

Infosys is a top name in the IT sector, with lots of skills and services to offer. It is good at keeping up with new trends and tech, which helps it stay ahead of the game.

IT Sector Trends

  • More and more demand for digital transformation
  • Big growth in cloud computing and its solutions
  • People are using more emerging technologies like AI and IoT
  • Focus on cybersecurity and keeping data safe
  • The need for tech-driven business solutions is growing

Infosys is strong because it offers a lot of different services and stays up to date-with new tech. Its focus on digital change, the cloud, and new tech keeps it at the front of the IT services market.

“Infosys’ ability to adapt to the evolving industry landscape and invest in emerging technologies has been a key factor in maintaining its competitive edge and market share.”

Investment Risks and Considerations

The Infosys share price looks promising, but it’s wise to think about the risks too. Infosys deals with challenges like market ups and downs, tough competition, and changes in regulations and technology.

Market volatility is a big risk for Infosys. Economic changes around the world affect the IT industry. This can change how investors feel and the company’s financial health.

In a world full of competition, Infosys competes with companies like TCS, Wipro, and HCL Technologies. It must always be improving, saving costs, and executing its plans well to stand out.

Regulatory changes are also a concern. New laws or tax rules can affect Infosys‘s operations and profits. Handling these issues well is important for its future success.

Then, there’s the risk of technological changes. New tech like cloud computing and AI can change what companies offer. Infosys has to keep up and invest in new tech too.

The global aspect of Infosys adds risks like changes in currency values, political challenges, and dealing with a global supply chain. Overcoming these challenges is vital for its success.

Seeing past the good share prices, investors should look hard at Infosys‘s financial health, its place in the industry, and how it plans to grow and handle risks. Doing your own research and getting advice from experts is smart before investing.

“Investing in Infosys calls for a full understanding of what it can do and the problems it might face. Wise analysis and patience are crucial for handling the investment risks with this IT services leader.”


In the end, Infosys looks set to do well in the stock market. This is because of its strong financial performance and standing in the market. Also, the stock is likely to grow in value over the next few years. By 2022, experts predict its share price could be between Rs. 1,918 and Rs. 2,010. By 2025, this could go up to Rs. 2,585. And by 2030, it might reach as high as Rs. 5,220.

Looking even further ahead, Infosys is expected to keep growing till 2040. Predictions say its stock could range from Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 18,420 by then. But, people thinking of investing should be aware of the risks. It’s important to weigh the upsides and downsides before you decide to invest.

Despite the risks, Infosys is seen as a good choice for those interested in the IT services sector. It has a proven record and a bright future ahead.


What is the Infosys share price target for 2022?

In 2022, financial experts predict Infosys’ share price might reach between Rs. 1,918 and Rs. 2,010.

What is the Infosys share price target for 2025?

By 2025, the share price could grow further to Rs. 2,370 to Rs. 2,585.

What is the Infosys share price target for 2030?

Looking to 2030, Infosys’ share price could rise even more, possibly hitting Rs. 4,700 to Rs. 5,220.

What is the background and history of Infosys?

Infosys is headquartered in Bangalore, India, and started in 1981. Since then, it’s become a top global IT services provider.

What are the key services offered by Infosys?

Infosys provides services like software development, outsourcing, consulting, and IT management.

How has Infosys performed financially in recent years?

Infosys has done great financially, with about 20% revenue and profit growth. Its net worth hit Rs. 76,351 crores in September 2022.

How has Infosys’ share price performed over the years?

Infosys’ share price has soared in the last 5 years, giving investors nearly a 96.90% return.

What is the shareholding pattern of Infosys?

Infosys has a diverse group owning shares. This includes institutions, foreign investors, retail, mutual funds, and founders’ families. Institutions have 35.8%, retail & individuals have 18.32%, and mutual funds hold 15.14%. Founders own 13.18%.

What are the key factors driving the Infosys share price target?

Infosys’ share price growth is backed by strong finances, its leadership in the industry, and a good market. Expectations that its services will be in more demand globally also add to this.

What are the potential risks and considerations for investing in Infosys?

Market changes, competition, new regulations, and tech changes could affect Infosys. Before investing, people should look into its finances, market position, strategies, and risk controls.

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