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Voltas share price


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Voltas share price! As a leading player in the home appliances market, Voltas Limited has made significant strides in both the domestic and international arenas. This blog is your go-to resource for staying abreast of the latest trends, market analysis, and investment opportunities related to Voltas shares. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just curious about the stock market, we’re here to provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions. From detailed price charts to insights on Voltas’ emphasis on innovation and market share, get ready to explore the fascinating world of Voltas shares.

Overview of Voltas Share Price

Voltas has consistently shown robust financial performance. In the 31st December 2023 quarter, Voltas posted a loss of Rs 30.41 cr after three consecutive quarters of profits. However, this loss was not indicative of the company’s overall financial health, as its annual revenue growth of 19.0% outperformed its 3-year CAGR of 6.94%. Additionally, the company has spent less than 1% of its operating revenues towards interest expenses and 7.02% towards employee cost in the 2023.

Current State of Voltas Share Price

Voltas Ltd., a leading player in the air conditioning and home appliances industry, has been witnessing a steady increase in its share price. As of the latest available data, the Voltas share price was Rs 1,340.80, representing a 2.03% increase from the previous day’s closing price of Rs 1,314.10. This price increase is part of a broader trend, as Voltas share price has seen significant growth in the past year. For instance, it has moved up by 18.5% in the past year.

Importance of Monitoring Voltas Share Price

Voltas has consistently shown robust financial performance. In the 31st December 2023 quarter, Voltas posted a loss of Rs 30.41 cr after three consecutive quarters of profits. However, this loss was not indicative of the company’s overall financial health, as its annual revenue growth of 19.0% outperformed its 3-year CAGR of 6.94%. Additionally, the company has spent less than 1% of its operating revenues towards interest expenses and 7.02% towards employee cost in the 2023.

Analysis of Voltas Stock

Analyzing Voltas stock requires a comprehensive approach, considering both the company’s financial health and its position in the market relative to competitors. This section delves deeper into various analyses of Voltas’s stock within the market.

Comparison between Bluestar and Voltas in AC Segment for a 5-Year Horizon

Over the last five years, Voltas and Bluestar have been neck and neck in the air conditioning market. A comparative analysis reveals that while Bluestar has focused on premium offerings, Voltas’s range is more diversified, potentially making it more resilient to market shifts. Despite similar growth paths, Voltas generally maintains a slight edge in market share, attributed to its wider product range and brand recognition as Voltas Beko for certain home appliances.

Evaluation of Voltas as a Good Buy in the Current Market

Considering its strong market position and consistent performance, Voltas appears to be a promising investment in the current market. The company’s balance sheet shows robust financial health, and its strategic emphasis on expanding its product range and market reach suggests potential for future growth. However, investors should consider market volatility and perform their due diligence, looking into comprehensive price charts and financial reports before making a decision.

Identifying Stocks like Voltas with 6x Growth in 6 Years

Stocks that exhibit the potential for significant growth, similar to the 6x increase Voltas has seen over the past six years, are highly sought after by investors. Identifying such stocks involves analyzing companies with strong market positions, innovative products or services, and solid financials. Industries ripe for technology advancements or consumer habit shifts are often fertile ground for such growth.

Views on Voltas Stock Overvaluation

There’s been some debate over whether Voltas stock is overvalued. Critics point to the high price-to-earnings ratio compared to industry averages, suggesting that the stock price may not be fully justified by earnings potential. However, supporters argue that Voltas’s strong market position and potential for future growth justify a higher valuation. Ultimately, the question of overvaluation depends on one’s perspective on Voltas’s future market performance and growth trajectory.

Investment Opportunities with Voltas

Investing in Voltas Limited (NSE: VOLTAS) presents a unique opportunity for investors looking for long-term growth in the home appliances and air conditioning market. Known for its strong portfolio of products and partnership with Turkish conglomerate, Arçelik, for the brand Voltas Beko, Voltas has shown resilience and innovation in meeting consumer needs. The company’s emphasis on quality and technology, alongside a growing presence in the Indian and international markets, points to potential profitable investment opportunities.

Timing of Investment in Voltas Limited (NSE: VOLTAS)

The best time to invest in a stock like Voltas hinges on several factors including market conditions, the company’s financial health, and future growth prospects. With comprehensive price charts and analysis, investors can track Voltas’ performance and make informed decisions. Typically, buying during a market dip when the share price is lower than its intrinsic value could yield significant returns as the market corrects itself over time. Additionally, staying updated on company news and sector trends can provide crucial timing insights for buying Voltas shares.

Voltas Stock Performance Forecast for the Next 5-6 Years

Considering Voltas’ strong market share, dedication to innovation, and strategic partnerships, the forecast for the company’s stock performance looks promising. The emphasis on expanding its product range, especially in the cooling products sector, and tapping into new markets could drive significant growth. Financial analysts predict a steady increase in share price, fueled by continuous demand for home appliances and effective market penetration strategies. However, investors should keep in mind that stock performances are subject to market dynamics and external economic factors.

Factors Influencing Voltas Stock Price

Several factors play a critical role in shaping the share price of Voltas. From broader market trends to company-specific developments, understanding these factors can help investors make better decisions.

Reasons for Selling Voltas Stock at Low Prices

Investors might sell Voltas stock at low prices due to various reasons, including the need for liquidity, anticipation of a market downturn, or underperformance of the company. Negative news about the company or its sector can also trigger selling. It’s important for investors to differentiate between short-term setbacks and long-term issues when considering selling at lower prices.

Predictions for the Future of Voltas Stock in the Coming Months

Predicting the future of Voltas stock involves analyzing market trends, understanding the company’s financial health, and considering external factors like economic policies and consumer trends. Analysts expect Voltas to benefit from increased demand in the cooling segment, especially in the hot summer months, and from the growing emphasis on energy-efficient appliances. The company’s ongoing investments in research and development, coupled with a strong balance sheet, bode well for its future performance. However, shareholders should remain cognizant of market fluctuations and regulatory changes that could impact the share price.

Investing in Voltas limited presents a compelling opportunity for those seeking to diversify their portfolios with a strong brand in the home appliances sector. By keeping informed and considering the various factors that impact share price, investors can make well-timed and informed investment decisions.

Long-Term Prospects of Voltas

The journey of discerning the long-term potential of Voltas shares takes us through various landscapes of market dynamics, technological advancements, and strategic business maneuvers. Voltas, known for its pioneering status in the home appliances sector, especially air conditioners, has continually embraced innovation and expanded its market presence. Its joint venture with Turkey’s Arçelik, for the brand Voltas Beko, marks a significant leap in its home appliance segment, aiming to blend quality with affordability.

Assessment of Voltas as a Long-Term Investment

When evaluating Voltas as a long-term investment, several factors emphasize its potential for growth and stability. The company’s robust balance sheet, consistent growth in revenue over the years, and expansion into new product lines and markets outline a promising horizon. Furthermore, Voltas’ emphasis on energy-efficient products resonates with the rising consumer consciousness towards sustainability. This shift not only positions Voltas as an environmentally responsible brand but also opens up new avenues for growth amidst stringent energy consumption regulations.

However, potential investors should consider external challenges such as fluctuations in raw material costs and intense competition. Acknowledging these factors and incorporating them into a well-rounded investment strategy could enable investors to navigate through volatility and harness long-term gains.

Voltas Share Price Target for 2021-2022

Setting a precise Voltas share price target involves analyzing comprehensive price charts, market trends, and economic indicators. For 2021-2022, industry analysts projected an optimistic outlook based on the company’s consistent performance, strategic partnerships, and market share expansion. While specific figures may vary, the sentiment underscored a potential upward trajectory influenced by Voltas’ operational strengths and strategic initiatives. Investors looking towards making informed decisions would do well to consider both the potential ascendancies and the inherent market risks. Stay updated and analytical to optimize investment outcomes in Voltas.

Decision-Making on Titan and Voltas Shares

Making the right decision on whether to hold or sell shares in companies like Titan and Voltas is crucial for investors aiming for profitability. With the recent performance of both companies, let’s delve into recommendations based on current profit percentages and market conditions.

Recommendations on Holding or Selling Titan Shares with Profit Percentage of 18%

Considering Titan’s consistent growth in the jewelry and watch sector and its strong brand presence, an 18% profit margin is quite promising. For investors holding Titan shares, the recommendation leans more towards holding rather than selling. Here’s why:

– Titan’s expansion plans and diversification into new product lines signal potential for further growth.

– The festive and wedding seasons typically boost sales, possibly improving share price.

– Market volatility needs to be considered. A slight dip could be an opportunity to increase holdings at a lower price.

For those looking for short-term gains, selling at an 18% profit is respectable. However, for long-term investors, holding seems more beneficial, given Titan’s market presence and future growth prospects.

Recommendations on Holding or Selling Voltas Shares with a Profit Percentage of 28%

Voltas, a leader in the home appliances and air conditioning market, showing a profit percentage of 28%, positions itself robustly within the industry. Deciding to hold or sell Voltas shares should be influenced by several factors:

– Voltas’ emphasis on expanding its product line, especially with the introduction of the Voltas Beko brand, could see a rise in market share.

– The company’s focus on energy-efficient products is timely given the global push for sustainability.

– The coming summer season is usually a high-sales period for Voltas due to increased demand for cooling products.

For those invested in Voltas, holding might be the more advantageous route. The company’s strategic moves and market position hint at potential for further share price gains. Nonetheless, for investors who prioritize immediate returns over long-term growth, selling at a 28% profit is a solid move, especially if diversifying their investment portfolio is a goal.

In conclusion, both Titan and Voltas present compelling cases for holding onto your shares, primarily if your investment strategy centers around long-term growth. However, individual financial goals and market dynamics should always be considered when making these decisions.

Voltas Share Price FAQs

What is the current Voltas share price?

As of the latest available data, the Voltas share price was Rs 1,340.80.

What has been the recent performance of Voltas shares?

In the past year, Voltas shares have seen significant growth, moving up by 18.5%. Over the past 6 months, the Voltas share price has increased by 39.35%.

What is the P/E ratio of Voltas?

The P/E ratio of Voltas is 128.11.

What is the PB ratio of Voltas?

The PB ratio of Voltas is 6.40.

What is the market cap of Voltas?

The market cap of Voltas is ₹42940.6 Cr.

What is the highest price of Voltas share in the last 52 weeks?

The highest price of Voltas share in the last 52 weeks was Rs 1,139.60.

What is the lowest price of Voltas share in the last 52 weeks?

The lowest price of Voltas share in the last 52 weeks was Rs 745.

What is the dividend yield of Voltas?

The dividend yield of Voltas is 0.39%.

What is the recommendation for Voltas – Buy or Sell?

As per Refinitiv (erstwhile Thomson Reuters), the overall mean recommendation by 34 analysts for Voltas stock is to Hold.

What are the key metrics to analyze Voltas Share Price?

Key metrics for analyzing Voltas share price include its PE ratio, EPS, price/sales ratio, and dividend yield.


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