NVIDIA Surpasses Amazon: A Remarkable Milestone in the Tech World

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In a stunning turn of events, NVIDIA, the renowned AI chipmaker, has surged ahead, leaving tech giants in its wake. The company’s meteoric rise has propelled it to new heights, surpassing even the mighty Amazon. Let’s delve into this remarkable achievement and explore what it means for the tech industry.

What is NVIDIA’s history?


NVIDIA Corporation, a tech powerhouse, has a rich history that spans several decades. Let’s embark on a journey through time to explore the key milestones:

  1. Founding (1993):
    • NVIDIA was founded on April 5, 1993, by three visionary American computer scientists: Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, and Curtis Priem.
    • Their shared vision was to bring 3D graphics to the gaming and multimedia markets.
  2. GPU Revolution (1999):
    • In a groundbreaking move, NVIDIA invented the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
    • This innovation set the stage for reshaping the entire computing industry.
    • GPUs became the backbone of modern graphics rendering and accelerated computing.
  3. CUDA Architecture (2006):
    • NVIDIA unveiled the CUDA architecture, opening up parallel processing capabilities of GPUs to science and research.
    • Scientists, researchers, and developers harnessed this power for a wide range of applications.
  4. AI Breakthrough (2012):
    • NVIDIA powered the breakthrough AlexNet neural network, sparking the era of modern artificial intelligence (AI).
    • The marriage of GPUs and AI revolutionized fields like computer vision and natural language processing.
  5. RTX Revolution (2018):
    • NVIDIA reinvented computer graphics with the introduction of NVIDIA RTX™.
    • RTX GPUs became the first to support real-time ray tracing, elevating visual fidelity in games and simulations.
  6. Metaverse Building (2022):
    • NVIDIA played a foundational role in constructing the metaverse, the next stage of the internet.
    • The NVIDIA Omniverse™ platform became a cornerstone for collaborative virtual environments.


NVIDIA Corporation’s stock price

NVIDIA Corporation’s stock price (ticker symbol: NVDA) stands at $726.13 per share1The company’s market capitalization has reached an impressive $1.78 trillion, making it the third most valuable US-listed company, surpassing Alphabet (Google)2. NVIDIA’s stock has shown remarkable growth, particularly in the AI sector on Wall Street over the past year3. It has become a bellwether for the artificial intelligence industry, with other AI-focused stocks surging as well

The Rise of NVIDIA

NVIDIA’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a laser focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge semiconductor technology, the company has consistently pushed boundaries. Here are the key factors that led to its recent triumph:

  1. AI Dominance: NVIDIA controls approximately 80% of the high-end AI chip market. Its chips power everything from data centers to self-driving cars, making it an indispensable player in the AI revolution.
  2. Investor Anticipation: Investors have eagerly awaited NVIDIA’s quarterly reports. The company’s stock has soared, with a 47% increase this year alone. In 2023, it more than tripled in value, cementing its position as one of the top gainers.
  3. Supply Constraints: Customers clamor for NVIDIA’s top-of-the-line components, leading to shortages. AI developers eagerly await access to its processors through cloud-computing providers, creating a sense of urgency.

The Market Cap Showdown

On a fateful day, NVIDIA’s market value surged past Amazon’s, reaching an impressive $1.78 trillion. This milestone catapulted it to the fourth most valuable US-listed company. Here’s how it unfolded:

  • Amazon: The e-commerce giant, led by Jeff Bezos, boasts a market capitalization of $1.75 trillion. Its dominance in online retail and cloud services has been unparalleled.
  • NVIDIA: Riding the AI wave, NVIDIA’s market cap surged. Its stock closed at $721.28 per share, solidifying its position as a tech powerhouse.

What Lies Ahead

As NVIDIA prepares to unveil its quarterly reports, Wall Street holds its breath. Analysts predict significant growth:

  • Revenue Surge: Expectations are high, with analysts projecting NVIDIA’s January fiscal quarter revenue to more than triple, reaching $20.37 billion. Demand for its top-shelf AI chips fuels this optimism.
  • Profit Soars: Adjusted net profit is set to surge over 400%, reaching $11.38 billion. The company’s strategic focus on AI positions it for continued success.

What are some of NVIDIA’s products?

  1. GeForce Series:
    • GeForce is NVIDIA’s consumer-oriented graphics processing product line. These GPUs power gaming rigs, laptops, and desktops. Features include beautiful ray tracing, AI-powered DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), and high-performance gaming capabilities12.
  2. NVIDIA RTX Series:
    • The NVIDIA RTX series represents professional visual computing graphics processing products. These GPUs, which have replaced the Quadro line, are designed for creative professionals, content creators, and scientific simulations. They excel in ray tracing, AI workloads, and complex rendering tasks.
  3. NVS Series:
    • The NVS series caters to multi-display business graphics solutions. These GPUs are ideal for driving multiple monitors in office environments, financial institutions, and other professional settings.
  4. Tegra Series:
    • Tegra is NVIDIA’s system-on-a-chip (SoC) series designed for mobile devices. It combines CPU, GPU, and other components into a single chip. Tegra powers smartphones, tablets, and embedded systems.
  5. NVIDIA Omniverse™:
    • Omniverse™ is a groundbreaking platform that enables collaborative virtual environments. It allows professionals, creators, and developers worldwide to enhance creative workflows, build metaverse applications, and connect seamlessly.
    • SHIELD is a family of Android-based digital media players and gaming devices. It provides streaming services, gaming, and smart home integration.
  7. DGX Systems:
    • DGX Systems are purpose-built AI supercomputers. They accelerate deep learning, data analytics, and scientific research. DGX SuperPOD-powered insights drive drug discovery, generative AI models, and more.
  8. Graphics Cards and Laptops:
    • NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX graphics cards power gaming PCs and laptops, delivering stunning visuals and performance.
    • Laptops equipped with NVIDIA GPUs offer portable gaming and creative capabilities.
  9. Networking Solutions:
    • NVIDIA collaborates with partners like Cisco to deliver AI infrastructure solutions. These solutions are easy to deploy and manage, helping enterprises succeed in the AI era.
  10. Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs):
    • NVIDIA’s advancements in generative AI and LLMs drive breakthroughs in natural language understanding, drug discovery, and more.
    • Explore topics like model selection, deployment, and the impact of LLMs in the enterprise.

Implications for the Industry

NVIDIA’s ascent sends ripples through the tech landscape. Here’s what it signifies:

  1. AI Supremacy: NVIDIA’s dominance in AI hardware underscores the critical role of AI in our digital future. As AI applications expand, NVIDIA’s influence will only grow.
  2. Investor Confidence: The stock market’s response reflects unwavering confidence in NVIDIA’s trajectory. Investors recognize its potential to reshape industries.
  3. Competition Intensifies: Amazon, Alphabet, and other tech giants face a formidable challenger. The race for innovation and market share intensifies.


NVIDIA’s leapfrog over Amazon is a testament to its vision, innovation, and unwavering commitment. As it continues to redefine the tech landscape, we eagerly await its next move. Brace yourselves—the AI revolution is just getting started.


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